Q. Can I sublease, sell or give away Adult-Cheap-Hosting's web space to other people once my account is set up?

A. EcommerceDiscovery's policies restrict customers from subhosting, such as www.domain.com/client. Web accounts are intended for a single web site. You may not sell, sublease, or give away EcommerceDiscovery's server space other than small advertisements.

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Q. What is EcommerceDiscovery's policy on adult content?

A. Adult websites are permitted any accounts ; all material must be legal within the United States.

Sites which violate any of these rules are subject to immediate suspension without prior notice. EcommerceDiscovery technicians do not normally check the content of our clients' sites to protect the privacy of our clients. However, we will conduct a full investigation and cooperate with the proper officials if a site is suspected to contain any illegal materials, with or without prior notice.

Additionally, Adult websites are restricted to monthly contract only.

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Q. What is the policy on sound files?

A. Sound files are one of the elements of web design that brings out the creative side. But caution needs to be paid so that your web site will not be targeted as violating a copyright of a music artist or agent. If you post audio content, you must be certain of it's origin and be willing to provide additional information such as written permission from the artist, agent and/or copyright owner.



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Q. What constitutes sound recording piracy?

A. Federal copyright law grants the copyright owner in a sound recording (typically, a record company) the exclusive right to reproduce, adapt, distribute and, in some cases, digitally transmit their sound recordings. Thus, among other activities, the following, if unauthorized by the copyright owner, may violate their rights under federal law:

1. making a copy of all or a portion of a sound recording onto a computer hard drive, server, or other hardware used in connection with a web site or other online forum. This includes converting a sound recording in a file format (such as a .wav or mp3 file) and saving it to a hard drive or server;

2. transmitting a copy or otherwise permitting users to download sound recordings from the site or other forum; and/or

3. digitally transmitting to users, at their request, a particular sound recording chosen by or on behalf of the recipient. - copy courtesy of RIAA

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Q. What constitutes software piracy?

A. Generally, if you have to pay for software, and you didn't, then it's piracy. This can be in the form of:

a friend giving you software to try
making a 'backup' of your office software for your home computer
downloading it from somewhere on the net
buying a compilation CD at a swap meet
buying one copy for the office, but using it on multiple workstations
If in doubt, pay for the software, and read the license agreement for more details on the number of instances or machines you can run it on. You are responsible for the software you use.
How can I tell if it's OK to give away shareware/freeware?
Read the license agreement for full details about the author's distribution wishes. If you receive the program without any supporting information, then it is most likely being distributed illegally. It is your responsibility to get full distribution details BEFORE you make the program available for download.

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Q. What happens if I allow people to download pirated software from my site?

A. If we find that your account is in violation of any of our policies, it will be cancelled without recourse for refund, and your account information might be handed over to the Business Software Alliance for further investigation and legal proceedings. If your site links to other sites that allow downloads of illegal software or other media, your account is subject to suspension and cancellation until links are removed. The use of a disclaimer on your page to the effect of "I am not held responsible for the content downloaded from this site" is not protection from personal accountability of the software downloaded from your site.

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Q. Where can I get more information on software piracy?

A. We suggest you read the Business Software Alliance site.

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