General Setup

First, to login to your account Control Panel you must do the following;

Your control panel is located at

Please use your IP address (eg ) until your domain registration/modification is complete. Your IP address is the 'actual' physical address of your site on the Internet. Your domain basically 'points' to it so your site can be accessed through both (true with any web site).

If you have an IP less or shared IP account, the same applies for your Control Panel but requires that you type to see your pages until your domain is available.

Your Control Panel will ask you for a username and password. Please use the username and password e-mailed to you after you registered. NOTE: The password is CaSe SenSiTiVe , so you will need to enter it exactly as it appears. This can be changed from the Control Panel by clicking the "change password" icon.

When you first log into your account, you will see various hidden files and directories, among them, the two that are most important are the public_html and public_ftp directories.



DO NOT DELETE OR RENAME any of these directories or any hidden files that you may find. These directories are automatically setup by the system and are required in order for your account to function. Deleting or renaming any of them will cause fatal errors that can only be repaired by deleting and resetting your account.

Of these directories, the ONLY ONE that is important to you is the public_html directory. This is the directory where you will upload your web pages and create other subdirectories that will pertain to your web site and be viewable from your web browser. Your pages WILL NOT be viewable on a web browser unless they are uploaded to this directory.

When you initially enter your public_html directory, you will see one directory, which is your cgi-bin, and one html file, which is the placeholder page created by the system when your account is created.

The CGI-BIN is where you upload your cgi scripts. DO NOT DELETE OR RENAME your cgi-bin.

index.htm is your under construction homepage when you access your site for the first time. index.htm is generally your homepage, sometimes can be called default.htm or index.html depending on what program you're using. If the program you're using calls your homepage by a different name other than index.htm, be sure to delete index.htm so you don't have duplicate homepages.

As you add features from your Control Panel, the system will automatically create other directories within this area. ANY AND ALL sub-directories and/or files created by the system SHOULD NOT BE DELETED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY.

Getting Started

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